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Leading Healthcare Solutions

Financial Management

In today's fast paced financial markets, every individual and business entity requires a sound financial plan. Our clients receive the highest degree of professional standards and advice that we would render to ourselves and our own families.

Whether you require proven advice on personal finances or business financing for a startup or expansion, our consultants can help you choose the right funding strategy.

Personal Finance  

Through our partnership with Jarred Bunch Consulting, LLC™ (, we are able to offer our progressive financial model with several strategies designed to:  

  • Elevate your financial status
  • Enable a superior lifestyle
  • Provide security to you and your family for generations

Our strategy goes beyond traditional planning to present a macro-management view of all of the factors that impact your financial success. These principles will empower you to:

  • Recover wealth that is being eroded by outside factors such as inflation, market fluctuations and tax laws
  • Accelerate wealth accumulation and maximize wealth potential
  • Implement financial strategies that help provide security to them and their family for generations

Business Finance

Raising capital for a startup venture or expansion of an existing practice during these difficult economic times has been a major obstacle for many individual and healthcare organizations.

Through our many lending partners, we are able to provide our clients with a complete list of financial sources that could provide the capital needed for just about any project.

Whether it is money to meet payroll demands, to purchase a new piece of equipment or to start a satellite office or a state of the art Ambulatory Surgery Center (ASC), our consultants bridge physicians and investors together to help both achieve their financial goals.

There are so many options that it can sometimes be overwhelming to find business funding sources for your company. We can make this process much easier and assist you in getting the business funding that you need.

Mycron Medical Consultants, LLC has access to many funding sources such as:

  • Commercial finance
  • Equipment leasing
  • Investment banking
  • Government loans
  • Venture Capital
  • Commercial real estate
  • Start-up financing 

Let us help you find the perfect business finance solution for your company.